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A Whole Lot for a Lifetime

By January 8, 2021 Uncategorized

Meet Maggie, a happy and loved 14-year-old Boston Terrier. Earlier this year, Maggie decided to eat a stone or piece of gravel. Maggie was a playful and active dog, but at one point she appeared weak and lethargic. Maggie’s owner brought her to the hospital, and the doctor suggested having X-Rays done. Looking at the X-Ray, you could see the stone. It had very sharp edges and it was too big to pass out in her poop. Ingesting foreign objects like that is very dangerous and can rupture the intestines. The only way to get rid of the stone is to surgically remove it. Surgery was Maggie’s only chance to continue her joyful long life. Maggie had complications: she had an enlarged heart and had just gone through surgery and a blood transfusion the year before for a bleeding ulcer. Besides, she did not react well to the anesthetic, so it took her longer to wake up after surgery. Poor Maggie!

She was in surgery much longer than expected – the stone had cut through the intestines and that section had to be resected. After cutting out the bad piece of intestine the doctor had to stitch the remaining parts back together.

Maggie came through the surgery okay, and it was now only a matter of time to see how she would come out of the anesthetic, and then how she would recover. Maggie made a full recovery, recovered from the anesthetic, and after a week or resting and taking it easy you would never know that she ever had surgery! She was back to doing the things she loved. At 14 years old, she certainly gives the “energetic bunny” a run for his money.

For all she has been through, Maggie definitely deserves an award for bravery. Indeed, she is a very lucky girl – happy, loved and healthy.

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