The Five Freedoms

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Just like people, animals have a variety of needs. But unlike us, they can’t speak for themselves. This is why it is our responsibility to advocate for our furry friends and ensure their comfort. Did you know that in 1965, UK government came up with animal welfare concept named “The Five Freedoms”. According to their report, an animal’s primary needs can be addressed by providing the following five freedoms:

  1. Freedom from Hunger and Thirst. Make sure your pet has easy access to fresh drinkable water and a proper diet.
  2. Freedom from Discomfort. Safe and friendly environment, shelter and a comfortable resting area are essential for your pet’s wellbeing.
  3. Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease. Keep your pet up to date with the vaccines and health check ups, and do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian if you suspect something is wrong. They will be happy to answer your questions!
  4. Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour. In order to stay healthy and happy, your pet needs sufficient space, proper facilities and company. Interact with your furry friend and provide them with toys and enough space to play and run around.
  5. Freedom from Fear and Distress. Ensure that the living conditions are comfortable and safe for your pet.

The Five Freedoms is a basic concept of animal welfare. By following these simple rules, you can provide a great quality of life for your furry friend!

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  • James McCleary says:

    That’s good Nadia… Here is my list of the most important things
    1. Freedom
    2. Water
    3. Food
    4. Money

    The stories that I want written on our website are a little different than this one. Michelle is there today. Ask her about the stories we used to put in the newspapers then you get the idea what I want.
    Good work

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