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Enrich Your Cat’s Life!

By August 31, 2020 Uncategorized
indoor cat looks through window

Did you know that the average lifespan of an indoor cat is up to five times higher than that of an outdoor cat? Yes, it’s true! Cats who spend most of their time indoors can live up to 17 or more years. However, cats that are exposed to the dangers of the world only live an average of two to five years.

Since indoor cats spend most of their time in the same space, it is important to provide an indoor environment that promotes natural behaviors, like climbing, jumping and running around.

Here are some tips to keep your feline friend happy, healthy and safe:

  • Provide a variety of toys for your cat. A supply of toys, such as toy mice, corks from bottles, or wand-type toys, can trigger your cat’s natural instinct to hunt and pounce.
  • Set out objects or areas for your cat to explore, such as cardboard boxes or paper bags. Cats love to hide, and the sound of a new rusting  bag will make them excited.
  • Plant a pot of indoor greens that are safe for your cat to munch on. Cats are carnivores, but need to eat greens to provide roughage and vitamins. Planting cat grass, alfalfa or catnip will gave your cat access to these vitamins and nutrients. 
  • Hide treats around the house and encourage your cat to find them. Setting up your very own scavenger hunt is a great way to have some quality time with your cat. She’ll love searching for the surprise, and you’ll have fun watching her “hunt”.
  • Provide a scratching post. Cats have a natural instinct to keep their claws sharp, and they do this by scratching. Different cats prefer different materials to scratch on. If your cat doesn’t use your scratching post, carefully observe what surfaces she prefers to scratch, and get a post covered in that material.
  • Set up high perches, particularly near windows. Cats like to be on high surfaces and observe the world below. You can provide them with appropriate places to sit such as perches near windowsills or a tall cat tree. 
  • Spend a little time every day playing with your furry friend. Some cats need a little more prompting to become active. Making some time to play with your cat daily can give your cat more stimulation and exercise as well as being a bonding activity.

How do you keep your can entertained? Share in comments! 

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