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A Traumatic Experience

By October 29, 2014 Uncategorized
golden dog resting on coach

Bailey is a 10 month old English Golden Retriever.  In July, she was being her friendly self when disaster struck.  During a nightly walk, she spotted a family across the street.  She gave a strong tug and darted.  The family watched in horror as she was hit by a passing car.

Events quickly unfurled and soon she was on her way to the hospital, in shock, with blood pouring from a hanging jaw.  At the hospital, analgesics were administered, x-rays taken, and her jaw taped.  She was stabilized in preparation for surgery.  Her jaw was fractured on either side and she was not a pretty sight.  Bailey was muzzled for 8 weeks to assist in healing.

The Doctor compliments the family for their support and concern as they helped Bailey through her recovery.  Imagine keeping an 8 month old puppy muzzled and watching her every movement.  Imagine the feelings when all Bailey could do was lick moist food!

Bailey is now back home!  In September, she returned to have her final wiring removed and is back to her sociable self.  Mrs. S remarks that she is “just perfect” and has no fear of cars.  Mrs. S, however remains with just one regret: “The driver did not even stop.  He could have just offered assistance”.  We couldn’t agree more!

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