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Puppy Gold Vaccine Package

Lennox Animal Hospital’s Puppy Gold Vaccine Package provides your new puppy with everything needed to start off on the right ‘paw’!  In addition, you will save up to 35%! This includes:

  • Complete physical examination with each vaccine visit
  • Two fecal examinations for parasites
  • Complete vaccination against the following viruses and bacteria:
    • CANINE DISTEMPER: Carried by wildlife, this virus causes eye, skin, and neurological disease and is often fatal.
    • PARVOVIRUS: A highly contagious virus carried by dogs, which causes severe and often fatal vomiting and diarrhea.
    • CANINE HEPATITIS: Two virus strains: CAV1, which can cause permanent damage to the liver, kidneys, lungs, and eyes; and CAV2, which causes kennel cough like symptoms.  The vaccination protects against both strains.
    • PARAINFLUENZA: A virus that can cause kennel cough.
    • BORDETELLA: A bacteria that can cause kennel cough.
    • LEPTOSPIROSIS: A bacterial infection carried by skunks, raccoons, and other wildlife, which damages the liver and kidneys and is contagious to humans.
    • RABIES:  A fatal neurological illness carried by many different species and spreadable to people.
  • Deworming included against ROUNDWORMS and HOOKWORMS – common parasites in puppies that can be spread to humans
  • Nail trims included
  • Discussion of insurance options available to you
  • No charge pre-surgical appointment
  • SPAY or NEUTER surgery, including:
    • Pre-surgical BLOOD TESTING to ensure your puppy is healthy enough for surgery
    • INTRAVENOUS FLUIDS, which increase the safety of the surgery
    • Post-operative PAIN CONTROL MEDICATION to make sure your puppy is as comfortable as possible
    • E-collar to prevent licking surgical site included
    • Recheck examination included

THIS PACKAGE PROVIDES A SAVINGS OF UP TO 35% COMPARED TO REGULAR PRICES!  Call us today to get your puppy started!


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