Lennox Animal Hospital’s Kitten Gold Vaccine Package provides your new kitten with everything needed to start off on the right ‘paw’!  In addition, you will save up to 45%! This plan includes:

  • Complete physical examination with each vaccine visit
  • Two fecal examinations for parasites
  • Complete vaccination against the following viruses (if needed):
    • FELINE VIRAL RHINOTHACHEITIS (HERPES VIRUS): can cause fever, coughing, sneezing, and recurrent eye infections
    • CALICIVIRUS: causes similar signs as for herpes virus, in addition to sores in the mouth
    • PANLEUKOPENIA (formerly FELINE DISTEMPER): causes vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and can be fatal
    • FELINE LEUKEMIA VIRUS: Causes reduced immunity to illness, disorders with many organ systems, can cause cancers and lead to death
    • RABIES:  A fatal neurological illness carried by many different species and spreadable to humans
  • Low inflammation vaccines: safer vaccines with lower risk of inflammatory reaction
  • Deworming included against ROUNDWORMS, HOOKWORMS, and TAPEWORMS – common parasites in kittens – some of which can be spread to humans
  • Blood test for feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukemia virus – all new kittens should be screened for these diseases
  • Nail trims included
  • Discussion of insurance options available to you
  • SPAY or NEUTER surgery, including:
    • Pre-surgical BLOOD TESTING to ensure your puppy is healthy enough for surgery
    • INTRAVENOUS FLUIDS, which increase the safety of the surgery
    • Post-operative PAIN CONTROL MEDICATION to make sure your kitten is as comfortable as possible during the healing period
    • E-collar to prevent licking the surgical site included (if needed)
    • Recheck examination included

THIS PACKAGE PROVIDES A SAVINGS OF UP TO 45% COMPARED TO REGULAR PRICES!  Call us today to get your kitten started!


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