• Thank you card

    Thank You

    Sep 16 2014

  • Congratulations Dr. McCleary!

    Jul 03 2014

    The Staff at Lennox Animal Hospital would like to congratulate Dr. James McCleary on receiving the Upper Canada Preserved Award from the Toronto General Hospital for his generous contributions to…

  • image of a heart


    Apr 24 2014

    Many dogs are presented to a veterinarian because of a persistent cough that won’t go away. Chronic coughing in dogs often indicates an underlying heart problem. The most prominent condition…

  • gray cat hovering on edge of wall

    Born Free!

    Apr 15 2014

    Smokey was born into a colony of wild cats living in a barn. Typically, these cats are unapproachable and will have nothing to do with people, but Smokey was good…

  • dog next to welcome mat

    Duty Calls

    Apr 08 2014

    Something I have come to understand in the world of pets is this – our animal friends not only have their daily routines, but many have a job or responsibility…

  • Russian blue cat with white eyes

    Wait for Me!

    Apr 01 2014

    Oksana is a pure bred Russian Blue cat that her owners acquired over the internet. She is now 3 years old and is a wonderful pet. Oksana thought her life…

  • dog licking the anti-freeze on the floor

    Max Versus Anti-Freeze

    Mar 18 2014

    Max, a West Highland Terrier, could have lost his life last Wednesday when he came into the hospital in a state of collapse. The doctor on duty instantly recognized the…

  • Dog sitting on grass

    Did I do That?

    Mar 04 2014

    If you take Newman, a two year old Beagle, on appearance alone, he seems like an angel of a dog. Imagine his soulful eyes and his sweet little face. Can…