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Dec 31 2020

Lost and Found

This Monday was very cold, and no one should be alone on the streets. Probably, so thought two very nice people when they found 2 dogs on the street. They recognized our hospitals name tags and brought them to us. 

Billy and Bo were indeed the patients of ours – we immediately called their owner. While we were waiting, we heard about the amazing kindness of these people – they gave Billy and Bo a bath, bought them food and even beds! They were willing to wait for the owner with us, petting the dogs and feeding them treats. 

When the owner arrived, Billy and Bo were so happy! Although, it’s hard to say who was more excited – the dogs or their human friend. He was very grateful and generous in his kind words. He immediately look his little boys home, to the place where they are loved and nurtured.

Nadia Mokhireva | Our Stories

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